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Accent HR's founder

Hi - I'm Audrey

Accent HR is the result of my passion for resolving people issues and creating great places for people of all cultural backgrounds to work in.

I have gained extensive cultural and technical HR insights from working across Europe and APAC for over 15 years. As a globally experienced HR Director and AHRI Fellow, I have often dealt with the full range of HR challenges. Poorly performing teams, conflict between staff, frustrated managers, big ambitious transformation initiatives that fall short of the expected result, and so much more. My observation from this experience is that a large proportion of people and performance related issues in the workplace come from cultural misunderstandings. This is the problem I specialize in resolving.

Audrey Bevan - Founder of Accent HR

I am bilingual in English and French. I have lived in France, the UK, Singapore, and currently live in Australia. I have personally lived and worked through the challenges, complexities and opportunities that a multicultural life, and workplace, bring.

I deeply care about the clients I work with. I want to see you succeed. I personally deliver all solutions myself. This means you will always know who you will be working with and how, from start to finish.  

As we work together you will see that I don’t do ‘standard’ because I know it doesn’t work when it comes to culture! This is why I take the time to listen and get to know you. I make certain that you get the tailored solution that works for you. I am known for my ability to adapt to clients’ complex needs and for partnering with them to solve their people challenges with maximum impact.

In French there is an expression: ‘être aux petits oignons’ and although the literal translation would be ‘to be with little onions’, it actually means that you will be thoroughly looked after. This is my promise to you.

You can find more about me on Linkedin.

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