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Cultural intelligence development

People and performance issues often come from cultural misunderstandings.

We all know funny stories that start with a misunderstanding due to a difference in cultural codes. But sometimes these misunderstandings are really not funny! These misunderstanding can lead to:

  • A regional leadership team being unsure why market opportunities are not being embraced by the team who know the local market. 

  • Processes which assume the team implementing them will take the initiative and add required details for successful implementation. 

  • A manager not understanding why the staff members of a different culture are not responding to their leadership style. It’s always worked with other team members!

  • Conflicts between team members

  • The incorrect assessment of an employee’s potential and performance.

The list goes on...

This is why it is crucial for everyone (leaders, managers and employees) to develop their cultural intelligence (CQ). 

As a certified facilitator by the Cultural Intelligence Center we have permission to use the term cultural intelligence and CQ®.

Cultural intelligence workshop

These workshops are tailored to your need and circumstances. It is designed for participants to develop their ability to adapt to different cultural situations. 

Outcomes include:

  • Decrease team integration times. 

  • Improve overall team performance.

  • Empower team members to communicate risks and market opportunities.

  • Build agility in how team members interpret each others’ communications.

  • Encourage curiosity about other cultures.

Individual coaching

Individuals may need coaching to get the most out of teams with differing cultures. To be successful, participants should be willing to question their existing behaviours, beliefs and ways of operating.


Outcomes include enabling individuals to:

  • Adapt to and integrate with other cultures.

  • Become mindful of behaviour and its impact on both personal and team performance.

  • Improve integration with others in the team and reduce potential friction.

Preparing for expatriation

If you are about to live in a country that is new to you, you need to be prepared for the challenges of expatriation – no matter how excited you are about the adventure. There are basics that most people would spontaneously research, which include understanding how to get from point A to point B, national food dishes, a few words in the local language and basic politeness. But beyond this, you need to be prepared for every aspect of your life to be different at work and at home. I can equip you with tools, and mentally prepare you to deal with the stress that comes with moving to an unfamiliar country.

It is recommended that accompanying partners also engage with this programme. If the move includes children, Audrey will discuss with parents how to best support them too.

Audrey has learnt by experience that the more prepared the entire family is, the more successful your move will be.

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