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Colourful threads are entertwined to make a beautiful shape. It represents how cultural diversity is everywhere and is worth leveraging.

Tailoring HR practices to your cultural context and ambitions. .

At Accent HR, we believe that adapting to different cultures is the key to success.

Whether you’re looking to get the HR basics right, adapt to the culture of your employees, develop the cultural intelligence of your teams, or expand into new markets, we’ll ensure culture becomes your competitive advantage.

People and performance limitations often come from cultural misunderstandings. We provide the solutions to address these obstacles and unlock your potential.

Our Services

Our Services

The Accent HR approach is far more than theory – it is pragmatic, tailored and timely, so you can be sure that the solutions and advice provided will work for you.

Adaptation to new markets

We design and
HR practices and
implement change
initiatives that are
tailored to the unique
cultural contexts of
each location.

Multicultural organisations

We design and
implement an
environment which
reflects the diversity
of your workforce to
foster inclusion and
belonging within your

Cultural intelligence development

We train and coach
your team members
to develop their
capability to adapt to
culturally diverse
situations so that
they can perform at
their best.

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