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Our methodology

The solution you initially consider to be right for you is rarely the one you need. Our methodology applies design thinking, coupled with years of change management experience, and encourages organisations, teams and individuals to adopt a holistic approach towards their cultural challenges. 

1. Analysis

  • Data points from interviews, surveys, HR data gathered including understanding the business, its context and its culture

  • Problem and root cause analysis

  • Preconceived ideas challenged of what the problem is and what the solution might be

  • Needs identified

4. Roll out

  • Key stakeholders champion the change with Accent HR support 

  • Roll out and implementation of agreed solution 

  • Assessment of what worked, what didn’t and how the approach can be improved going forwards

2. Prototype

  • Create the right tools, operating models and frameworks to support your evolution

  • Minimum viable solution developed to address the challenge(s)

  • Engagement with stakeholders to refine
    the solution

  • Agree objectives, timeline and key actions

3. Test

  • Prototype launched and tested as a pilot

  • Learnings gathered and improvements made 

  • Key stakeholder buy in and ready to go live

  • Roll out plan finalised including stakeholder communications 

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