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Getting the basics right

Accent HR creates and reviews existing HR practices to create an employment environment which is culturally effective.

As a starting point, you could pursue the following types of outcomes:

  • Culturally adapted policies, processes and employment documentation

  • Organisation design being optimised for the exchange of ideas across cultures and the unlocking of top performance.

  • Identifying and driving behaviours that promote and integrate a multicultural mindset and approach throughout the organisation

  • Creating unity amongst a culturally diverse workforce, particularly across multiple countries and remotely.

Adaptation to new markets

You may be thinking about expanding your business into new markets, particularly in Asia. Or you may already be there, but you need some support in making the local employment frameworks work well. Accent HR can help you by:

Ensuring that change initiatives are culturally effective

For change initiatives to stick, they need to be culturally adapted. Employees respond much more positively when the change approach is adapted to their culture. This may mean having multiple approaches for a single change initiative, but it is worth the investment.

A few key points Accent HR focusses on includes:

  • Ensuring the change itself is culturally appropriate

  • Adapting the message to the culture of your audience

  • Tailoring the change methodology to be a culturally accepted approach

Audrey has established HR practices in the following locations: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

With this extensive experience, you can be fully confident that Accent HR is able to develop change approaches that will deliver the results your teams need.

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